Wednesday, 9 July 2014

5-fold Ministry

Let's encourage ourselves and rock the boat of tradition and religion a little.

You know how sometimes something gets lost in translation? 

Or something is translated in one way while it could easily have been translated in another bringing an all together deeper and clearer meaning?

You can't have it all!

Let's consider Eph 4:11 KJV.

 "And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers"

... Paul here talking to the Ephesians. He encourages them to work together and build each other up in Jesus.

Enters the institutional church

From very early on the institutional church took this verse and built its hierarchy.

Positions and levels and offices and degrees, etc. within an organisational structure - a pyramid scheme that continued for more than 1900 years and is evident even today in the majority of institutional churches.

Can you have it all?

... however, I want to ask you this: "How many of the functions of the 'five-fold-ministry' were resident in Jesus?"

I submit to you that He possessed all of them!

 ...and then: "How much of the Spirit of Christ lives inside of you? 

10%, 40%, 80% or all of Him?"

I submit to you that the fullness of the Spirit of Jesus lives in you with the fullness of the five-fold-mystery!

Mutilated body?

The institutional church transmutilated what are supposed to be functions in the body of Christ into levels and positions of office - to form a hierarchy - the one to submit to the other, the one being more important than the next with the commoner on the phew, outside of office.

Can we read again?

Let's look at the verse again, this time using the same freedom of translation permitted to the initial translators:

From the Greek [in brackets]:

"some" [men]= truely or indeed
"and" [de]= moreover, also, but

Can we translate that again? using freedom of translation otherwise, Ephesians 4:11 reads:

"And he gave truely, apostles; moreover truely, prophets; moreover truely, evangelists; moreover truely, pastors moreover teachers"

Feeling deceived?

That's a different picture all together! 

It is  a picture more in line with what God has in mind for His glorious church (true church), especially when reading within the context of the whole chapter. 

This He also has in mind for each and every believer, of His Body - ekklesia, or those called out from amongst, the church being wherever and whenever you and those around you commune with His Spirit, even the small family or gathering of friends and Christ alone is the head!

Can we say AMEN?

So, highly anointed one of God, be encouraged to know that you don't have to wait for an office bearer to spur you on or anoint you into bringing the Good Gospel!

You are anointed with His spirit of Truth Who will bring to your remembrance all things Jesus taught and will show you even things to come.

You are His functionary!  You are:

An apostle

A prophet

An evangelist

A pastor

A teacher

You are dipped in the Fountain of His love!
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