Thursday, 30 May 2019

Go to your closet

I had an interesting conversation with someone earlier this week after a morning prayer session with colleagues at work. [Let me just explain. We fellowship before work and pray. Yet, being such a diverse group, the praying can get somewhat loud and extravagant at times as all indulge simultaneously, the African way).

Why are people against some forms of prayer?

Friday, 10 May 2019

Fruit from receiving in prepared ground, hearing the word and understanding

I was accused the other day of saying that healing, as part of the atonement, was for everyone right now, in this life ...

Well, did I?

... I admit wholeheartedly to have done so. I said it exactly as I stand accused ...

I created a poll that stated "Healing is part of the atonement and finished work of Christ! We have freedom to receive healing. It is our inheritance."

... and I posted it for voting purposes on a couple of social media grace groups.

Did people like it?

One response explicitly reprimanded me
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