Thursday, 31 March 2016

Do you have an icon - eikōn?

What is an icon?

Today we use the word icon mainly to refer to a person or thing held in high regard and/or as a representative symbol worthy of reverence ... or as an emblem for the very thing it signifies and gives value to. We have sports icons, heroes as iconic figures, iconic moments in history, etc.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Eating is believing!

Why did Jesus tell us to eat His body?

What is the significance of eating?

How did eating bring Adam to fall?

Is there a wrong and right way of eating?

... and what is the tree in all this?

Friday, 18 March 2016

Celebrate Purim? Hadassah and Grace

If there is one story in the Bible that you should never stop reading until the very end, it is the breathtaking story of Esther with its multitude of hidden treasures.

Esther is the drama and the shadow of another story at a grand and perfect scale - the Eternal King's redemption plan for all man-kind, a life-giving truth with joy unspeakable and pleasures forevermore!

Pûrîm is a lesser Jewish festival held in spring (14 or 15 Adar on the Hebrew calendar - 24-25 March 2016).

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

lâ'âh - weary ...

How many times have you been told in 'church' to do this and do that so that this or that might fall in place ... in order that you be obedient - law-talk "if this, then that" "if not, then something else"...

Computer programmers know this well as the syntax (computer language-code - law) that makes a program to respond in a fixed way. Legislation drafters know this mechanism that forces people to act in a certain prescribed way ...

Friday, 4 March 2016

Why did God create man then?

My spirit just so resonates with what I read in this quote:

When the Bible says, “God blessed Man,” the word used is the word Baw-rak, an estimation of value term which can be defined as an act of adoration such as kneeling or falling on your knees in wonder or amazement at the perfection of beauty. It is an indication of when someone is entirely overwhelmed and in awe. Mankind was “very good”or exceptionally enjoyable. (from: Chase Aderhold and Rudi Louw in their book titled: "God's Love For You! Study Guide")

Truely, God marvels over you with joy!

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Calling? For What?

I'm still reading the awesome book by Chase Aderhold and Rudi Louw titled: "God's Love For You! Study Guide"

Calling of man

On page 30 they drill to the core of the calling of man

I love hove they first state the opposite and then just plainly come the truth. Man was not called for works to come into right standing with God ... to give and offer from his own pitiful means ... or any other man made tradition or custom. Instead ...
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