Thursday, 3 March 2016

Calling? For What?

I'm still reading the awesome book by Chase Aderhold and Rudi Louw titled: "God's Love For You! Study Guide"

Calling of man

On page 30 they drill to the core of the calling of man

I love hove they first state the opposite and then just plainly come the truth. Man was not called for works to come into right standing with God ... to give and offer from his own pitiful means ... or any other man made tradition or custom. Instead ...
There is nothing you can offer, except to come ...

Corinthians 1: 9 says God has called us into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ.” 

Our calling is to share in the exact same fellowship which Jesus enjoys with the Father.

So, what does this word call mean?

The Greek word used here is kaleō which means to calll forth with a load voice

This is the same root word used for church (ekklēsia - to be called out from amongst).

The Greek word for fellowship is koinōnia whic means to have fellowship, partnership with, association, communion, joint participation and intimacy even at the level of intercourse according to Strong's concordance.

We are called with a loud affectionate voice to have intimacy with the Son of God, God Himself, Jesus Christ.

Does He need our fellowship?

The wonderful thing is as Aderhold and Louw explains further on the same page, that even though God is perfect and needs nothing, He desires for intimacy with us. He has chosen to need us because He has revealed Himself to be love (1 John 4: 8).

Can we miss our calling?

Your calling is not some sort of mysterious calling on your life that you are presently unawares of and that you may miss and then will fall out of favour with God or somehow go against His will if you miss it.


Instead, our life is His calling!

What is that calling?

... to have fellowship with the altogether Love-Person, Grace - Jesus Himself!
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