Friday, 31 January 2020

Before time was ...

Sometimes it is amazing how that we skip over something just because we do not understand it or because we have been made to believe differently.

As modern people, we are schooled to think uni-literally (is there such a word?) for some reason. We are programmed like computers to believe that there is only one meaning to a word. After all, that's how programming works - constants and variables. But the variables are handled differently altogether until they produce a constant.

We forget how that through the ages, through circumstances and the traditions and customs of man, different meanings have been ascribed to the same word so that word today may not even mean the same as it did two hundred years ago.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

New Year double trouble double blessing

There is nothing like an encouraging message. And sometimes one is fabricated or concocted from the old covenant and used with good intentions to inspire people. That is the way it is with many a New year's message. Yet, many of them bordered on fortune-telling and some were nothing but sorcery ...

The institutional church is quick to tell us that we will receive double for our trouble, that the next year will be better than the one before, that we have to look out for our blessings and signs and we have to start performing to receive them.

Yes. Fortune-telling.

You might rather have gone to the gypsy in her caravan around the corner, just the same.
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