Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Shepherd bowing down to the rebellious

Psalm 78 is a Psalm of Asaph.

Asaph means gatherer or receiver.

It is a Psalm describing the kindness of God in the wake of the rebellious nation of Israel.

It talks to us today and even spells out the Gospel in very fine detail in one sentence, one single verse.

let's see ...

The Psalm recaps the rebellious history of Israel since God led them out of bondage from Egypt and how, time and again, they "did not believe in God, and did not trust in His salvation [yeshû‛âh]" (verse 22).

The nation of Israel firsthand witnessed some of the most astounding miracles by God. Man, they were part of it. They didn't even need to walk by faith. They could have walked by sight alone!

It is the beautiful story of God's grace, how He remembered that they were but flesh, yet He kept guiding these stiff-necked, defiant and stubborn people through the wilderness in spite of their idolatry and their averseness. 

But it is the last verse that shakes me up.

Asaph concludes prophetically with the words that God built a sanctuary, (a miqdâsh or sacred place - you) and choose his beloved servant (Jesus) to lead His people, His inheritance!


But here is the last verse infused with some pictures from the ancient Hebrew:

So he fed [râ‛âh or רעה depicting: the Highest reveals Grace - remember this post] them according to the integrity [tôm or תּם depicting: covenant (cross) of blood] of his heart [lêbâb or לבב depicting: control or power of the ultimate house]; and guided [nâchâh or נחה depicting: life secured by Grace] them by the skilfulness [tebûnâh or תּובנה depictintg: The covenant of nail of the house of life and grace] of his hands [kaph or כּף depicting: open hand of the word (Jesus)]

Let's frame the picture.

In spite of all their stubbornness and rebellion and complaining and sleeping with the enemy (worshiping the devil), the God of love, YHVH, the Hand by Grace Nailed by Grace says that He:

Fed them or reveals who the Highest is in Grace according to His blood covenant on the cross, by the very power of Himself, He secured them with His living grace coming from the open (invitation) Word.

See the whole Gospel picture here?

Jesus manifested, went to the cross bringing a new covenant, was resurrected by the power of God and secured life all in an open invitation for all to receive. 

Wow, this is the Gospel of His love for all, forever. 

It is the beautiful picture of an ever-so-patient-God, full of mercy and Grace, abounding in goodness and truth!

This alone is enough to make you shake with joy unspeakable. 

But get this ...

Jesus is the Word Who became flesh. The root word for "word" (kaph) is kâphaph with the profound meaning to bow oneself down.

Isn't this exactly what Jesus did when He manifested in the likeliness of human flesh to become a servant, to die on a cross and to victoriously raise, King above kings?


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