Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Can we pray to move God?

The other day someone I deeply respect and listen to quite often was teaching on how that when we pray God moves ...

... and the Holy Spirit moved inside of me ...

The Holy Spirit reminded me of an awesome truth that I would like to pen here and remind myself of every now and then. This is the Truth I should NEVER forget and always take into account in every situation ... because this Truth is the GOSPEL TRUTH!

We say things we do not think through

We say things that sound profound. It even sounds Bible-ish, even Godly but these words are frequently the manifestations of our brainwashed religious upbringing.

We proclaim Grace ... and wonder why our prayers did not work immediately. And the "best" reason we can come up with is from the book of Daniel. That is, if you don't subscribe to the ridiculous and insane gesture that God is always in control no matter what.

Yet, there is something we keep missing as New Testament heirs in the kingdom of God that makes the whole Daniel example totally irrelevant to our prayers.

So, here goes!

In grace teachings one would often find teachings or motivational messages that attempt to provide reasons why certain prayers did not work. After all, Jesus did say that we could ask anything in His name and we shall receive.

So, what could go wrong?
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