Wednesday, 22 January 2020

New Year double trouble double blessing

There is nothing like an encouraging message. And sometimes one is fabricated or concocted from the old covenant and used with good intentions to inspire people. That is the way it is with many a New year's message. Yet, many of them bordered on fortune-telling and some were nothing but sorcery ...

The institutional church is quick to tell us that we will receive double for our trouble, that the next year will be better than the one before, that we have to look out for our blessings and signs and we have to start performing to receive them.

Yes. Fortune-telling.

You might rather have gone to the gypsy in her caravan around the corner, just the same.

The New Year Message

Pastors and ministers spend days and weeks preparing for their new years message so that the congregation may get the ultimate boost and satisfaction out of, what is portrayed as a message directly from God.

Here is a verse that is frequently used. 

Zec 9:12 KJV: Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope: even to day do I declare that I will render double unto thee. The verse taken out of context and pronounced as a prophecy over the congregation. Jesus is nowhere to be found. 

Old covenant verses become the very center of a message that has no place for the New Testament heir in the kingdom of Daddy-God.

2 X 0 = 0

Double is mediocre. Remember that two times nothing is nothing!

Don't involve old covenant mathematics in your future prospects. Rather, involve the full sum of His heart towards you.

See, you don't want the double blessing when the full blessing is already your heritage.

You don't want to look out for a sign and wonder to see whether you'll be getting the double ... you don't want to be performing the rituals and prescribed steps to earn the double when the full portion is already yours.

Rest and receive

Jesus is the Full Portion of God's blessings. In Him every blessing is yea and amen!

Your cup is already overflowing! You are not under the old covenant where if you do this, then you will be eligible for that. You are part of the new testament,  a beneficiary, a king and a priest. You don't need a prophet to tell you what you inherit. You know what is yours. It's already there for you for the taking.

Don't settle for some second-hand prophecy of a rundown blessing, when you know that you have the Full Portion living inside of you, right now!
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