Thursday, 21 April 2016

Pesach again?

Pesach is not Easter

The Jewish feast of Pesach is on again [15 - 21 Nisan (19 - 22 April 2019)]. 

Easter-celebrating Christians will not be looking at these dates this year since the Passover is not aligned to the feast of Pesach (see here). 

Easter is not Pesach

How then, is the date for Easter determined on the Western calendar?

If you google it you'll very quickly see that in 325CE the Council of Nicaea established that Easter would be held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on, or after, the vernal equinox (also see here). 

So, Easter is predetermined to always fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 21. It is not aligned to the Jewish feast of Pesach (see here) and never was. 

What is it about then?

Please check out my previous post titled Celebrate ... Pesach (click) for more background and truths regarding the subject.

In essence Easter celebrates the evil Babylonian sun-god, Nimrod, his mother (and wife) queen Ishtar (Easter or Astarte) and the incarnate illegitimate son, Tammuz (Tammuz, conceived during Easter and born 25 December in the year 3005 BC). It was at Nimrod’s city of Babel (Babylon) that a towering structure was first built in plain defiance of God as part of satanic, self-righteous religion.

So much for the Babylonian feasts, but what about the Jewish feasts?

What about Passover?

To celebrate the Jewish feasts, is to ignore the fulfillment of Jesus of these feasts on the cross asif of it did not happen and to place yourself  back under the law again.

In the church?

To celebrate the so-called western church (corrupt) versions of these feasts, is to align yourself with paganism and the origins of these feasts and their pagan gods.

What Christians ought to celebrate?

Only One!


"Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth" Rom 10:4

Only the ignorant of God's righteousness and those who pridefully think they can contribute towards their own righteousness will keep pursuing the law instead. By following the law, you can attain your own righteousness ... but Jesus made it clear that it is impossible. You need Someone Who can. You need a Saviour!

The New Covenant has made the first old (redundant, obsolete). Hebr 8:13. See here for more information on the Christian's position regarding the law.

The feast is fulfilled

Jesus is the New Covenant!

He says: "This cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me" 1 Cor 11:25

There remains only one joyful celebration (feast) ... Yah'shua, Jesus!
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