Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Distance, delay and matters of control

The other day my daughter asked me to pray for her. She had stomach cramps, pains and something that resembled severe stomach spasms.

And I was reminded

As I prayed against all these things, cancelling the plans of the enemy, commanding the sickness and pain to go, and confirming the finished work of Yah’shua over her physical body, I was yet again reminded of how that we have this precious gift of healing inside of us and how that we often neglect to use it.

I was once again reminded how the institutional church teaches the bride of Christ that God is far, that He is on His own time schedule and that He is always in control. So, we must just accept whatever we get. Their favourite saying is “His time is not our time” and “His ways are not our ways”.

An uncaring and absent father is being portrayed in this way.

So, we never know if He is going to heal or not … or when.

Then they’ll teach that His decision to heal depends on your holiness (or lack of) and the size of your faith (well, only if you are a Charismatic). Basically, we should not expect anything at all. And if we do, there is no telling how it may look!

I was also reminded how that we are often taught that God is always in control, no matter what. That says that any kind of healing (and by implication also sickness) is His doing as and when He pleases.

What utter blaspheming!

In all this, the finished work of Jesus is never, ever acknowledged or taught.

Even worse, our inheritance because of His finished work, is deliberately discarded, corrupted, and shushed!

To me this is a corroboration with the enemy for the sole purpose of discarding the solicitation of our inherited authority. Can I state this simply? The devil wants you defeated!

Defeat comes from doubt and unbelief of who you are in Christ. It will make you become passive and unresponsive to His Grace and the fully accomplished work of Jesus! 

The result – defeated heirs of Christ

What is the outcome of these lies?


Doubt, and our prayers, our authority, and position in Christ in this life become completely hopeless as we stand defeated.


Just the way the enemy wants!


And we wonder why our prayers do not work!


What is the flip side? 

Back to the present situation

I am not saying that I always do it right, but by praying in agreement with the finished work of Jesus the other day, there was no delay, no distance, and no confusion over who should be in control by virtue of inheritance and commission, in our situation. There is no doubt on whether we are Kingdom heirs, not in our minds and certainly not with the enemy!


And what did we have to do … nothing, except receive!


Healing manifested within just a couple of minutes of us praying and the finished work of Jesus was glorified right there and then, just confirming his love, grace, kindness, and His provision that includes healing.


Resist the devil! 

The day after the night before

This morning, as I woke, I was reminded again of a 13 year old girl that we prayed for some years ago in October of 2009.


I want to share the testimony again in this post, but before I do so I would like to remind myself and anyone reading this post that there is no such thing as distance, delay, and control issues with Jesus.


There is no distance because God with His Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus now lives inside of us.


There is no delay cause the healing of Jesus is immediate in His finished work. Because it is done, the gift (our inheritance) is immediately available for the taking. (Remember my post on prayer and demand?)


There is no question of who should be in control in this seemingly hopeless situation, and we should NEVER cop-out of our responsibility in terms of the authority that we have inherited! NEVER!


There are no control issues – Jesus said to go and heal the sick! Not to pray to Him and request Him to heal the sick.


We should therefore, never go out praying for someone doubting and expecting a delay of when maybe he or she may be healed because of a fickle unresponsive, passive and control-freak God.



He already did it! It is done! 

On to the testimony

A couple of years ago, in October 2009 two of us prayed for a young 13-year-old girl that had been diagnosed with cancer of the brainstem.


Her father, Jasper, inquired from our local church at the time, about the possibility of prayer and faith healing for his daughter. However, the church traditions did not accommodate faith healing (or any of the other gifts for that matter). So, the dominee (church leader or reverent) in control decided to consult our little prayer group that interceded before, during and after services.


The prayer-group was an invention of a few likeminded individuals at the time who wanted to do intercession and pray for people of the congregation. We saw the vacuum and the need. We were all new at this and being members of a denomination that disregarded the gifts of the Spirit and the finished work of Christ, we really were not sure about weird stuff like the laying on of hands and praying for the sick. Some of us never even heard of praying in tongues, much less practice it!


The dominee wanted to know from us if anyone in the congregation (which was one of the biggest od the particular denomination in the country) was familiar with praying for the sick and faith-healing. Imagine!


I took the phone number of Jasper, the father of the 13-year-old Tarien and replied that I would find out and contact him. 

A death sentence

This young lady, at the time, was just slightly older than my eldest.  She was at the dawn of her adult life. Her whole future was laying before her … and she was given a death sentence. And here was a powerless, helpless, and hopeless church that could not even pray for her!


It turned out that the one person in the congregation who did go so far as to pray for the sick, was out of the country at the time. Now we had an even bigger problem!


I discussed the matter with one of my prayer-group friends and we agreed that we should pray about this healing, inquire from the Lord if we could pray for her, when He would want us to pray for her and how we should go about in doing so. We were hoping that maybe the bold and fearless member of our congregation would come back home by the time we had finished our prayers and supplications!


We were clueless! 

But things turned out different

Days, and probably weeks passed as we waited.


I am a researcher by profession; an anthropologist and I do quite some travelling away from home during the year. So, on one of my travels back home one day, I received a call from Jasper. He urged me to expedite our planned praying for his daughter.


I did not know what to do.


Were we to take matters into our own hands? Are we qualified? What about God’s plan? What about God’s time? What about the covering of the church (… and was there even any)?


In shock I replied that I would consult with my prayer-group friend and get back to him. I was nervous and clueless at the same time.


As soon as I arrived back home the same day, I spoke to my wife, Charelene and again went to hear from the Lord.


Although our church did not even remotely accommodate faith healing, our prayer-group knew even back then that God was able to heal. But we were just not sure whether He was willing ... or whether the time was right.


We were clueless! 

Ask for confirmation of time, place and method

In desperation I asked God to give me some sort of confirmation from Scripture.


I opened the Bible and got two scriptures. Looking back now, I know that I interpreted them both wrong.


But God has a beautiful way of working even with someone as ignorant as me.


On my question asking when we should pray for the little girl, the Holy Spirit focussed my attention on the very first sentence of the second scripture I was given in Isaiah 30:18. It reads: And therefore will the LORD wait, that he may be gracious unto you, and therefore will he be exalted, that he may have mercy upon you: for the LORD is a God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for him.


Yes, the word “wait”!


However, I was reading the 1984 Afrikaans translation of the Bible then where the word "wait" is translated "gretig". “Gretig” means eager or keen. Well, good thing I did not read from my KJV – that would have been hope deferred even more!


From this verse I took it that we needed to respond straight away!


I cannot remember how I twisted the two scriptures to come up with answers on where and how …but somehow, I knew that our prayer had to take place right away, at Jasper and Tarien’s house ...


Did I mention that we were clueless? 

Time to spring into action!

I phoned my prayer-buddy and told him that I got an answer.


We drove to Jasper’s house in one of the neighbouring suburbs. But I remember before entering their premises, we nervously stopped at the side of the road to pray again, just to make sure.


We were met at the door by Jasper. It was a strange and unfamiliar situation as we sat down with Jasper, his wife and Tarien.


As we did I remember the big clock on the wall of their living room announcing that it was 08:00 pm with eight load gongs.


I remember we shared scripture, but I don’t know what scripture or how we might have interpreted it to them. We knew next to nothing about the heart of God when I came to healing.


And then we prayed.


I do not know what we prayed or how we prayed. I don’t even remember if we laid on hands.


What I do remember at the time was my own insecurity over a possible manifestation that I used to get back then the moment I started praying. In those days I experienced some visible manifestation when I became aware of the Holy Spirit in me as I prayed. I was worried just how the family might react to this. But miraculously it never happened. All I remember is that when we prayed there was a certain contentment, even in the powerful prayer we must have uttered. No visible manifestations, nor distractions or any weirdness about the whole situation. It may as well have been a regular incident! But the healing was there, even though we did not, or could not see it yet. 

And then it ended

The very minute we concluded our prayers, the clock on the wall announced that it was 08:30 pm.


Looking back now, I am convinced that we did everything contrary to the way I would have done it today. But we were willing … and God was eager, and the family received healing and healing did manifest. 

And time passed

Almost one year later in June of 2010, Jasper phoned to confirm that since the day we prayed for Tarien, she showed none of the symptoms she previously had. She was about to go for another check-up, and he wanted us to remember her in our prayers again.


And so, we did. And even those prayers I do not remember. 

And more time passed

Six years passed.


In those six years my family and I started experiencing an intense closeness to Yah’shua, and the Holy Spirit taught us Himself and firmly grounded us in His Grace. We had moved church and would soon come to a real awakening of the ekklēsia. (More on that in my post on ekklēsia.)


On Wednesday, July 8, 2015, I felt a sudden urge to phone Jasper again.


Jasper was excited to hear from me since he had lost my mobile phone number when he upgraded. Tarien, it turns out, was a fine young lady and a second-year varsity student. It was going extremely well with her. 

There was a testimony that had to be shared

On the phone that day Jasper shared with me that when we first prayed for Tarien, she went for a single chemotherapy session in late October 2009.


But shortly after that chemo session the family decided to stop treatment altogether. The decision was made because it was evident that she no longer had any of the symptoms. And she never did since that day. The only thing that bothered her now was a slight iron deficiency that caused her to become tired at times.


Jasper described his daughter as a lovely, determined young lady with a happy outlook towards life and doing extremely well! 

Years later, what do I think?

There is an old Afrikaans saying that says God slaan ‘n reguit hou met ‘n krom stok – God strikes a perfect shot with a crooked club. And it is true. But I have also come to know that we are not the crooked clubs and broken vessels that the institutional church makes us believe we are.


In Christ we are made new, and in this world, we are as He is. (1 John 4:17)


We are not hopeless, powerless creatures left to our own devices.


We have the living Spirit of the resurrected Jesus living inside of us, guiding us, moving us, embracing us, and having communion with us every hour of every day.


We are once and for all washed by the blood of the Lamb and righteous co-heirs in the kingdom of God!


My thoughts, looking back at our first prayer for healing? 

  • Glory to Jesus who gave His Body for our healing on the cross so that we may receive abundant life from Him. Thus, He is ALWAYS able and willing and has done a beautiful complete work already – behold (receive) the finished work of the cross!
  • Oh, and I declare, right now, that Tarien is healed even from that deficiency and any other ailments the enemy tries to bring to her.
  • Yes, the Gift and calling of God are without repentance. (Rom 11:29)


What do we have to do?


Nothing! Just receive and rest in His unconditional love and provision.




Open your hands and heart and take.


Declare it.




And HalleuYAH!

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