Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Born blind but receive sight

More precious than pure gold

One of the most precious words the Holy Spirit taught me when I came to Grace some years ago, is the word "receive" or lambanō.

It can be one of the hardest things to receive something you have not worked for or earned and you feel it is undeserved and there must be something that you can do to deserve it.

But ...

It's a Gift. And all that is required is for you to receive.

Oh, lambanō lambanō!

Remember how we spoke about lambanō here and here in previous posts?

After years of subjugation to church law and doctrine I was taught by the Holy Spirit that from our part all that was needed was to receive. However hard it may seem to the average brain-washed attendant of the institutional behaviour-modification institution they call "church", this is all that is needed.

And hard it was for me and my family, believe me.

Be warned

My church pastor told me it was "too easy!"

I was warned against the doctrine of Grace.

And so there was always that part of me, so deeply routed in church doctrine that wanted to conform, do the prescripts of the law. Obey. Push onward and forward. Confess. Repent. Give more. Do more. All in the name of church doctrine ...

The Spirit of Truth never seizes to speak the Word of Grace

But the Holy Spirit kept speaking Grace to me and my wife and daughters ever so gently and clearly.

He spoke right to our hearts and by His Grace we heard and listened and learned and we received and Grace became ours.

All we needed was to receive, lambanō!

Enters John 9

And so, I came across John 9 again a few days ago and was reminded of my own criticisms years ago.

Jesus met the man who was born blind. He made clay with His saliva and sent the man to wash his eyes in the pool of Siloam. 

When the man came back he could see and all were astonished.

But, it's too easy!

Look at the list if interrogations the man had to endure before the Pharisees excommunicated him:

1. The disciples wanted to know if he or his parents sins were the cause if his blindness.

2. The neighbours wanted him to explain how it was possible.

3. The Pharisees interrogated him three times, demanding a valid explanation.

4. The Pharisees, not believing him, then interrogated his parents demanding and explanation from them.

5. Then the man was further subjected to questioning and arguments ...

The easy Gospel contested

But, this thing of an evident simple sinner just receiving can not be! So the Pharisees called his parents to contest the receiving part (see verse 18).

The argument got heated as they questioned him a third time and he asked why they wanted to hear His testimony again and again.

The man asks "Do you also want to become his disciples?"

What is the law-preacher's natural response?

They reviled him and said you are His disciple, but we are Moses disciples because God spoke to Moses.

Yes, always going back to the law!

The law shows us that Grace is too easy for a sinner!

Then the Pharisees argued with the man and said that Jesus was a sinner because he healed him on the Sabbath. And the argument got even more sinister when they alleged that the man himself was born in sin as was evident by his blindness and that he could not therefore come and teach them and tell them what had happened. So they cast him out of the temple.

These guys would hear nothing of Grace!

Imagine that!

Jesus gives the full explanation for the healing

So, Jesus looks for the guy and comforts him. He explains to him that all that was needed was for the man to believe in Him.

Go on! Read it for yourself in John 9:35-37.

Following straight on from the John 9 incident, within proper context, Jesus explains Himself showing that He is the Shepherd and the Door. It is all about receiving Him! (Please look at this post for more on the Shepherd and the Door.)

Believe in your own traditions then?

The blind shall see and the seemingly seeing shall be blinded because of their traditions and like things that they do.

And John 1

The Voice of Abba took me directly to John 1:12 shortly after this was share to me emphasizing the word lambanō again.

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of יהוה, even to them that believe on his name Joh 1:12

Lambanō. That's all

What was the John 9 man's first answer when the neighbours asked him how his eyes were opened?

Verse 11 "... I went and washed, and received sight."

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