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Elijah's miserable run

Nothing we do on our own can cement our future or security or power or authority ... or salvation ... not even signs and wonders ... not even walking in the prophetic ... not even abstinence or spiritual warfare or compliance or non compliance.

There is only one Way.

I have a few favourite stories pointing straight to Jesus, Yah'shua Himself. One of them happen to be the story of Elijah, the guy who's name means Elohim is Yahveh or God is YHVH.

Today I catch my story with this great prophet on the run.

Elijah on the run 

Elijah had just completely outdone all the pagan Baal prophets 101% when king Ahab tells his wicked wife Jezebel the story. 

Elijah is fresh from having slain 400 Baal prophets after their gods miserably failed to hear their prayers, fasting, screaming, self-inflection and religious performances.

He is fresh from calling upon the only God that is alive, YHVH Himself to consume his own sacrifice with fire from heaven whence God not only consumed the sacrifice but also the altar with it's stones drenched in water. And all the people confessing: "יהוה, he is the Elohim; יהוה, he is the Elohim."1Ki 18:39

He is fresh from having told Ahab that he needed to get into his chariot and speed back to Jerusalem because of the approaching downpour and he, Elijah, with the strength of God, physically out-running these thoroughbred speed-machines.

All of this is possibility the greatest display and victory a prophet could hope for and achieve in his entire life, but Elijah runs for his life a soon as he get a crappy message from a woman whose prophets were all dead. Fear.

Enters Fear

When fear struck, Elijah wished that he was dead. 

You know how the story unfolds, but I want to get to the part where Elijah had a true encounter with God on the mountain.

You see, Elijah is use to a display of God's might and power, But he is about to experience the side of God that fills and abides and comforts and established rest ...
And after the earthquake a fire; but יהוה was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice. 1Ki 19:12
Elijah witnesses all the miracles and wonders that go before God. He had even taken up his God-given authority with the Baal prophets and Ahab.

He witnesses the power of the elements announcing the presence of YHVH ... but strangely God is not to be found in any of these because even these overwhelming powerful signs and miracles can not contain the living God who desires to be contained within man himself.

He doesn't find God in a display

YHVH was not in the wind: ruach or רוּח - breath or spirit of the earth; ecstasy; energy that tore the mountains apart (remember this what Jesus empowered us with? However, He is not in the earthly cast down mountain. He is not in the miracle.  He IS the Miracle! Mat 17:20).

YHVH was not in the earthquake: ra‛ash or רעשׁ - the shaking; the rattling; quivering that shook the whole earth.

YHVH was not in the fire: 'êsh or אשׁ - the flame; the fire; the destruction (interestingly the word-picture for fire is: the power that consumes.

So many times we have been taught that God is to be found in these signs.

A true encounter!

But then Elijah intimately encounters the God Who abides within, the still H1827 small H1851 voice H6963, the God Who is meek and lowly by heart where you find eternal rest. (Matthew 11:29).

Still: demâmâh or דּממה - the calming; the whisper; the quietness with the word-picture: pathway by the ultimate blood (double מ) to Grace!

Smalldaq or דּק - the crushed; the lowered; the made small with the word-picture: pathway to the mind (heart). Was it not God (Jesus) Who lowered Himself and manifested in the likeliness of human flesh to be crushed on our behalf so that He could establish Himself in our hearts and in our minds ultimately to bring about the most intimate of relationships?

God was in the pathway made by His blood to establish Himself in us - what a relationship!

It doesn't come about by some sort of violent display or sign or reaction. It comes by a mere whisper of His Word, Jesus!

The Voice pictures Himself

When Elijah hears this, what does he do?

... he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave. And, behold, there came a voice H6963 unto him 1Ki 19:13 

He humbles himself.

He goes forth.

He stands at the entrance of the cave, fearless of what is behind him and even what is ahead.

... and he focuses on the voice (Get this: qôl or קל - the shepherd in his heart).


Can I just say: WoW!

Can I just say: HalleluYAH!

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