Tuesday, 20 September 2016

... being stalked by the law ...

What happens to Paul when the Truth is revealed to the people of Lystra and someone cripple from the mother's womb is instantly healed?

What happens when everyone, as a result, is awestruck and amazed?

What happens?

What happens when people had to be calmed down because they thought that these messengers and healers were gods and was ready to sacrifice to them because they have never witnessed anything like this?

What happens when the Truth is revealed, the people calmed down and they receive Jesus ... but the law interferes?
But some Jews [those with the law] arrived there from Antioch [driven against] and Iconium [little image]; and having persuaded the people and won them over, they stoned Paul and [afterward] dragged him out of the town, thinking that he was dead.
But the disciples formed a circle about him, and he got up and went back into the town; and on the morrow he went on with Barnabas to Derbe. Acts 14:19-20
... and then?

Check out the next couple of verses ...

After bringing the Gospel in that city (Derbe), they returned to Lystra (ransoming) and Iconium (little image) and Antioch (driven against) to do what?

Take revenge?

No, no!

Stay strong

Speak the Gospel only!

To encourage the ones who did receive Christ to continue in Christ - to press through their specific situations (where they are - ransoming self, little image of self-worth, and those driven against the Good News - the very cities they found themselves in)!

Truely, the Gospel is the Power of God unto Salvation (Jesus)! Rom 1:16

Be encouraged, wherever you find yourself and do not let the law rob you or those with you of the free Gift of righteousness!

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