Tuesday, 26 July 2016

What few know ... Joel Adifon

“Many crucify their flesh daily. 
Few know they died with Him.

Many people strive for holiness. 
Few live sanctified. 

Many beg God to 'show up' or 'come.' 
Few know He never left.

Many cry out for God to send revival. 
Few live revived.

 Many tell God they are hungry.
 Few eat the Bread of Life. 

Many can't wait to go Heaven someday. 
Few bring Heaven to Earth. 

Many pray for healing. Few command it.

Many hope people will be healed.
Few believe. 

Many point out obvious sins.
 Few set captives free.

Many try to be 'good Christians'. 
Few walk with Christ.

 Many want to change the Church.
 Few will risk speaking out. 

Will you be assimilated into the status quo? 
Or, will you usher in a reformation?

 History is waiting.”

 (by Joel Adifon)

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