Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Rest founded in Grace!!!

Did you know that the first time the word Grace is mentioned in the Word of God, it is coupled with rest ... and not works?
But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. In Genesis 6:8 Noah means rest.
This interesting sentence is the object of our blog post today.
It (the sentence) may also be translated:
Rest is founded in the Grace of YHVH.
Rest comes from the Grace of God.
Lets look at some pictographs:
נֹחַ or nôach means rest and the Hebrew letters depict: life secured or captured. (human rest) (man pictured).
'חֵן or chên means Grace and the Hebrew letters depict: secured live. (Grace).
It is interesting to note that these two Hebrew words each have only two Hebrew letters and that they are at face value, mirror images of each other.
Does that say something perhaps?
יְהֹוָה is the unpronounceable Name of God, YHVH and the Hebrew letters depict: the Hand by Grace nailed by Grace (Jesus).
So, taking into account what we have learned from the pictographs, let's translate again:
Genesis 6:8 says Rest is founded in secured life (Jesus)!
We may also say: life (as captured or created by God) finds secured life in Jesus!
Super neat!

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Wait a minute!

Doesn't Hebrews 4:8 say: "For if Jesus [Joshua the son on Nun] had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day."?

... and so He did!

And now we may rest in the finished work of Him.

He is our Secured Live (Grace) in Whom our lives are secured (rest).

Jesus is the Grace in Whom we rest!


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