Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Filthy rag ... or Secure Righteousness!

It is a wonderful thing when the Spirit of Truth, our Father Himself, engages with you in a dream?

It touches you and makes you stand in awe like nothing else ever could, consuming your every thought and embracing your very being to the core.

I had such an encounter in a very clear, open dream only a view days ago. 

I woke early in the morning, let the dog out and climbed back into bed.
In no time I was fast asleep again, sleeping very deeply. I had a very vivid dream and Abba spoke to me in one of the clearest visions and hearing His voice as crisp as I have never heard before.

It was a simple encounter that shook my heart with His unspeakable love and affection.

I was driving down a beautiful road and whilst driving Abba Abba said to me: “Do you know why the righteous works of man is like a filthy rag to me?” Isa 64:6

I thought I knew the answer having heard teachings and getting revelation from Abba Abba so many times on the matter. Yet, this time the answer was so, so simple it blew my mind.

The answer was: “Because of the beautiful, perfect cloak of Jesus!”

You see, Isaiah 61:10 is God’s answer. “… he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation, he hath covered me with the robe of righteousness, as a bridegroom decketh himself with ornaments, and as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels.”

It is not that we are filthy rags. It’s our works that do not compare and carry the possibility, or the potential to divide us from Him.

Why does God not want us doing works?

God is not a God of chances.

Because looking at us, He sees the beautiful finished work of Yah’shua (Jesus)!

If something is beautiful, perfect and complete whatever I will attempt to add to it will taint and blemish the whole thing … much like a perfect, finished painting of an artist. If I add, I’ll ruin it.

Abba’s love for us is so great that he does not want us to add or subtract from the most beautiful, perfect and complete love declaration of all eternity – His Son, the Bridegroom, showing us who we really are, our original design before time was, to be loved and to love!

It started raining in my dream, but I felt perfect peace and control as I followed the road down-hill, fully contented in Him.

So, Isaiah concludes:
And now, O יהוה, You are our Father (Abba). We are the clay [the smeared ones – anointed ones, destined ones], and You our potter [the One who binds us to You – relationship-talk, love-talk]. And we are all the work of Your hand [designed and purposed for His love and affection].” Isa 64:8
Glory to our Lover and God!

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