Tuesday, 7 April 2020

What does it mean? The Way, the Truth and Life?

I always find it beneficial to listen what Jesus says.

Sometimes I battle because of my brainwashed past.

But you can always ask the Spirit of Truth to help ...

What does Jesus say when He says He is the Way, the Truth and Life?

We need guidance

With the guidance and revelation of the Holy Spirit, meditating on the words of the Word Himself, becomes an overwhelming gratifying and refreshing experience, especially considering that they are spirit and they are life. John 6:63

Didn’t God say Hearken unto me now therefore, ye children, and attend to the words of my mouth? Pro 7:24

So, what is Jesus saying when He says He is the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me? John 15:6

It has to do with communion - Love, Life

Remember our post on Abba Ahabah (see here) and how that we came to the mind-blowing discovery that Abba is Love and that Yah’shua and Abba and Love is the same?

Well, Jesus is saying that love is life and you can only get life eternal if you have love … if you have ahabah, Abba.

Jesus is saying there is only one Way to total serenity, peace, love … life, and that is through Him, the Way Himself.

He says that apart from Him there is no Way, apart from Him, there is no Truth and apart from Him there is no life.

The Truth stares you in the face

No way we could misunderstand, right?

Yet, somehow the enemy is always busy in the background, concocting new ways to brainwash us into thinking that we are not good enough or we have to add something else to the Truth.

But He is Who He is. Truth. Every man a liar and He alone, the only truth. Rom 3:4

The way

He is the Way, instead of the law way or any other way which would be the way of self-righteousness. (Stick with me here!)

The law was given Moses, but Truth and Grace came by Jesus Christ. John 1:17 There is no other way.

In Hebrew the word for way is derek or דּרך, meaning to the way, the course, the manner, the mode. The ancient word-picture depicts the door to the highest person is to receive. (remember our last post on receive?)

This is amazing grace. There is nothing you can do … only receive.

Jesus makes a lot of the word lambano (receive) throughout His teachings for this very reason.

The Truth

There is no other truth except Jesus.

You might think that you have some kind of truth by wanting to do or add something to His amazing Grace, but if you add to truth (or Grace) it becomes something else, a mixture between the truth and something, Babylon, your own “truth”, not His Truth.

The Hebrew word for truth is the word 'emeth or אמת meaning assured, stable, certain, sure, absolute. The word-picture depicts the power of the blood is in the cross.

The finished work of Jesus is the only truth. His accomplished work is the only truth. Jesus is the Truth!


He is the only life. Outside of Jesus there is no life!

The Hebrew word for life is khah'ee or חי, a two symbol ancient root word meaning raw flesh, running, strong springing forth ... It is a word with the idea of something continuing. 

But the ancient word picture is awesome. It depicts the open hand (for receive) the Hand.

Throughout the old covenant, Jesus is depicted as the arm of God, His Right Hand and it is He Who was from the beginning, Who created, like the first book of John says.

Jesus is the Word of God, the Arm of God who created. He is the Hand nailed to the cross – the hand by Grace nailed by Grace! By His death and resurrection we have Life!

So, put it all together

Jesus says in John 14:6 He is the door to Love through the power of what He accomplished, an open invitation to take His Hand


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