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THINK truth, honest, just, pure, lovely, good, virtuous, praiseworthy

You can think what you want ... 

But remember you are as you think. Whatever is in the heart will manifest in the physical, whether you want to know it or not.

Out of the heart flows the issues of life! Pro 4:23

Your life is determined by what (or Who) you behold

Throughout the Bible much emphasis is given to what we think and what or who we spend our time with and on.

Am I making sense?

That is why Solomon, in all his wisdom, gave us the proverb that says As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Pro 23:7

I remember writing something along those lines that might be worth your while checking out here, herehere and elsewhere.

Words are seeds

Words are seeds ... and they sprout and bear fruit ...

Remember the key parable that Jesus gave in Luke 8:11-15? He said: Now the parable is this: The seed is the word of God.

Read the whole parable, because it is exactly what we will be talking about here.

The word that Jesus spoke of is the Word of God - Jesus, the One who is fully merciful and gracious, patient and abounding in goodness and truth!

... but there is another

Doubtless, you also get other forms of word that are deliberately sown amongst mankind. These are the word of lies, of doubt and unbelief, of timidness, condemnation, shame, and all kinds of things that the enemy uses to prevent the heirs of God to approach Him in full assurance having been made righteous and justified through the blood of Jesus! These are the seeds of the enemy and likewise it may sprout and cultivate what the enemy wants.   

Words are seeds. Evil thoughts will cultivate evil being and good thoughts will cultivate good being. It depends what you fill your mind up with and how, even if you have been brainwashed, you will renew your mind to align yourself with the thoughts that God have towards you.

But fear not

The apostle Paul tells us exactly what we should be thinking (meditating, filling our brains) on. So, let's follow these in a blue letter Bible to understand better. You will be able to download or access it here.

Philippians 4:8 admonishes:

Finally, G3063 brethren, G80 
whatsoever things G3745are G2076 trueG227 
whatsoever things G3745 are honestG4586 
whatsoever things G3745 are justG1342
whatsoever things G3745 are pureG53 
whatsoever things G3745 are lovelyG4375 
whatsoever things G3745 are of good reportG2163
if there be any G1536 virtueG703
and G2532 if there be any G1536 praiseG1868 
think G3049 on these things. G5023

We need some translation from the Greek

True - alēthēs meaning truthful, loving the truth, fully aware, nothing concealing, nothing secret, nothing hidden ...

Honestsemnos meaning honest, reverent, of true character, devoted, with worshiping ...

Just -  dikaios meaning righteous, innocentwholly good and conformed, acceptable, holy ... just as the Word says yo have been made ...

Purehagnos meaning properly clean, innocent, perfect, pure, blameless, most holy, consecrated ...

Lovelyprosphilēs meaning acceptable, lovely, approved, befriended, affectionately, embracing ...

Good reporteuphēmos meaning spoken of well, reputable, auspicious, (this is the Gospel). If it is not a good report ... is it worth listening to?

Virtuearetē meaning excellence, praiseworthy, on a good course, moral excellence ...

Praiseepainos meaning commendable matter, from the promise, extol ...

These are the thinks we should be filling ourselves with on a daily basis.

And where do you get them?

Only one place, really. The Word of God. If it does not agree with the Word of God and the exceptionally Good News, also known as the Gospel of Jesus Christ ... you should not be pondering those thoughts.

Better still, you should be rebuking them, cut them out and remove them from you as best and as far as you can ... and you CAN!

Anything that speaks contrary? Shut it out! Counter it! Oppose it! Refute it! And listen to it no more so that the seed may not germinate and bear fruit.

Instead, only affirm and agree with the Word of Truth ...

Cultivate the seed of Love ...

Remember to read the parable in Luke 8 ... :) 
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