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How to cut straight - orthotomeō

Sometimes we don't cut it straight

Sometimes we take corners ... skip a line ... ad a snag ...

But the Word tells us to cut it straight!

What is all the fuss about?

Paul advises his spiritual son, Timothy (his name meaning valued by God) to be diligent and to present himself approved to God as a worker who does not need to be ashamed by rightly dividing the word of truth. 2 Tim 2:15

Explain yourself, Daniel!

Paul likens the dividing to someone who ploughs a land or builds a road applying his skill in a straight line, good workmanship that can be accurately and easily appreciated and followed by others.

Thus, dividing the word rightly for us is that we present the Gospel so that others can accurately discern Jesus with the help of His Spirit, and not to mix in anything that is not Jesus. Not to mix the old with the new, not mixing Grace with own works of the law, not to mix the doctrine of man with purity and simplicity of the doctrine of Grace ...

... so that we may all find it easy to appropriate the Word and walk in the victory achieved by The Word.


The word dividing used here is translated from the Greek word orthotomeō, which means to cut straight.

It is only used in the Bible once, and once only. And this is the verse.

Why is this significant?

Because it is used only once!

For a purpose.

Abba tells the ones He values to cut it straight. To bring the clear-cut, straight Word of God, the pure Gospel - Jesus! Undiluted! Unmixed! Unbent!

Serve the Gospel straight-up!

What's in the word?

Strong's concordance points out that the word orthotomeō is a compound Greek word from orthos (straight) and tomoteros (sharper), and it means to make a  straight, clear cut; to dissect or expound correctly.


Paul (the apostle of Grace) is saying to Timothy (valued by God) when you read or appropriate the Word (Jesus), don't beat about the bush.

Make a straight cut.

Tell It as It is!

The pure Gospel of Grace!

Apply It directly!


Look in the Mirror

I love the Mirror translation version:

1Without any delay 2live your life from a place where you are familiar with the complete approval of God; you do not need to apologize for the fact that your experience might be a contradiction to your faith! What God believes about you needs no defense! There is such an immediate authority in 3clarity! Truth triumphs over every contradiction! It makes a clear-cut division between light and darkness; the word of truth shows distinctly that the duty-driven law of works and annoyances and the love-driven law of perfect liberty have nothing in common! (The word 1 spoudazō means to use speed, to be prompt, immediately. The word 2 paristēmi from para, a preposition indicating close proximity, a thing proceeding from a sphere of influence, with a suggestion of union of place of residence, to have sprung from its author and giver, originating from, denoting the point from which an action originates, intimate connection; and istemi, to position. The word 3 alētheia means not concealed, truth, clarity.) [II Timothy 2:15] by Mirror Bible - mobile app.
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