Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Build the house - oikodomē

How do we proceed with the Gospel?

Amid all the ungodliness and strive and and deception and lies and idol worship that is going on in the world ... today ...

How do we proceed with our calling?

How do we act and react and move and find our being?

Enters Paul, the apostle of Grace

none whatsoever rotten reasoning proceed from your mouth,
instead rather whatever is agreeable (of good constitution),
demanding oikodomē
so that it may deliver Grace to those who hear"

Don't you love my direct paraphrasing of Paul's verse?

In your KJV blue letter version it reads:

Let no G3361 (G3956) corrupt G4550 communication G3056 proceed G1607 out of G1537 your G5216 mouth, G4750 but G235 that G1536 which is good G18 to G4314 the G3588 use G5532 of edifying, G3619 that G2443 it may minister G1325 grace G5485 unto the G3588 hearers. G191  Eph 4:29

There is a house involved here

We have dealt with the house herehere and here. It is consistent and wonderful. The house is the dwelling place of the Spirit of God, holy and without cracks and need for any refurbishment.

Yet, in a world where it is constantly being broken down, it needs to be build up again and again.




What we speak should edify

oikodomē is the Greek word meaning to edify. The word is a composite of two root words, oikos meaning dwelling place, such as for a family, and the word dōma which means to build up or to put a roof up.

Look at the wonderful picture. We are to speak to people in order to build them and build them up to the roof, edified and strong against the onslaughts from outside.

This is why Paul says All gifts are for edification (see 1 Cor 13-14).

My word of oikodomē for you ...

You are blessed with Grace upon grace!
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