Tuesday, 20 June 2017

GIGO - we are what we eat

We are all familiar with the saying garbage-in-garbage-out. 

It is used a lot in the world of computer programming and data analysis. But it holds true for most of life ...

We are what we eat ... so the nutritionists say.

Are we?

Can we casually associate with lies and deception and wrong doctrine and mixture of good and evil and concoctions of law and grace ... even for entertainment?

Should we have any part in even the tiniest part of these?

Let's turn to the Word

Paul writes to the congregation of Corinth (Corinth means satiated) addressing certain doctrinal issues. The issues the congregation is satiated with include sexual immortality, idolatry and disputes, divisive philosophies and what appears to be a rejection of the bodily resurrection of Jesus (... and consequently, us).

In his pastoral letter Paul comes out strongly against the sensuous beliefs of the believers in Corinth.

It is amazing that Paul never tells this highly immoral congregation that they have lost their salvation. Not once does he condemn them or even hints towards any form of condemnation.

Wrong believing cultivates wrong appropriation 

But he does tell them what it's influence and effects will be over their lives as they live it in this world.

What does he say then?

Paul brings it all together in chapter 15 where he explains how that these brothers had been taught the Truth, Jesus. How that He went to the cross and was resurrected so that they (us) may walk in His victory.

And then he cuts to the heart of the matter ...

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners1 Cor 15:33

Paul was quoting a Greek writer by the name of Menander of the time to show that our lives are influenced by what we believe and what we side ourselves with. You are what you eat.

Paul is saying that in you intimacy with deception and immorality and lies, all of which is closely associated with the bodily resurrection of Jesus, you may not loose your salvation but you do loose your authority. 


It is by the wounds of Jesus that we are healed and restored, even in this world. 

So, Paul is saying do not deceive yourselves: evil communications corrupt good manners

If you keep yourself busy with homilia (companionship and intercourse, communications) of any evil sorts, your good manners (ēthos, that is good practice, wants and applications through the finished work of Christ) will be corrupted.


Simple ... we are what we eat.

Paul also says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, Jesus. (Rom 10:17, Gal 3:5)

What stands against our faith (Jesus) is unbelief and doubt. 

Remember how many times Jesus Himself warned us against unbelief and doubt? (See Mat 17:20, Mar 6:6, Mar 16:14, Mar 11:23, etc. and remember this post we had on Eating is believing.)

So, that when we pray and command the sickness to go, we will not be engulfed with doubt and unbelief rendering our authority in Jesus null and void because of our traditions and like things that we do ... (Mark 7:13). Remember our nurturing post here?

We are what we cultivate

So, the opposite is equally true - Doubt and unbelief comes by hearing the devil (that is anything that kills steals and destroys whether in conversation, movies, magazines, deceptuous preaching, etc.)

Partaking in the glorious resurrected Body and Blood of Jesus will give you strength and health and life.

Partaking in the deception contrary to Christ such as immorality, idolatry with other dead beliefs and divisive beliefs, not discerning the body of Christ, etc. will lead to weakness and sickness and death. (1 Cor 11:27-29)

Partake in Life!

Paul is saying Choose Life. 

He is saying that we should take up our daily cross, that is that in Christ all have died and in Him all were raised to glorious resurrection to rule even in this world. 

He is saying don't associate yourselves with triviality of this world, but overcome it by intimacy with Truth Himself. Good communication that cultivates good practice!

Hear Life. Speak Life. Be in Life!

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