Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Teaching contrary to the law

There is a way that one can identify a true Grace preacher. 

Those hearing him who are imprisoned by the law will always come with an accusation that: 

This fellow persuadeth men to worship God contrary to the law. Act 18:13

... and then there will always be others in authority who do not care ...

What are we talking about?

After the apostle of Grace (Paul) had finished revealing Jesus to the people of Athens (worshiping the goddess Athena - goddess of wisdom and war, also a goddess of much uncertainty since she could at a whim change from one to the other), and some wanted to hear more whilst others were outraged, he left for Corinth.

Yet again, as soon as he revealed Jesus as the Christ, the Jews in Corinth became outraged. Urged by the Holy Spirit, Paul continued his preaching in Corinth until the law-worshipers rebelled and brought him before Gallio, an officer of the court. 

When Grace is revealed, the law becomes insignificant and those who bask in the rays of the law become angry, outraged, fuming with resentment ...

The charge?

This guy is making people to worship and believe in God contrary to the law. 

What did Paul say?

Paul preached that they were saved by Grace through faith! (Rom 14:16, Rom 5:2, 2 Cor 8:7, Eph 2:8, etc.)

And this made them furious.

What was the outcome?


No judgement.

Gallio just withdrew by saying he could not deal with the matter and that the law-lovers had to deal with it in accordance to their system.

This is what normally happens if one is incapable, indifferent and unskilled like a small child (Gallio means "One who lives on milk"). You throw the matter back to the ones who say that they have more knowledge. Gallio is the one being tossed to and fro ... carried about by every wind of doctrine ... wait ... was this not also the central theme of my previous post

Did they react then?

They did nothing against Paul because the Holy Spirit had promised that "no one would attack him or hurt him" (verse 10).

But they did attack and beat up the man in charge of the synagogue where Paul preached. His name, incidentally, was Sosthenes meaning "saviour of his nation".

And Gallio?

And Gallio cared for none of those things. Act 18:17

... ignorant as a small child who doesn't care about what is happening around him.

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