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Confess ... or agree?

Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God. 1 Jn 4:15

In this, the last blog post in our series titled With Understanding, we'll be looking at the word confess or confession and how that this word was perverted to mean almost the exact opposite of what it was translated as. We look at how the children of God are totally mislead by this.

Where do we come from?

Much like the word metanoia (to be with the same understanding) translated as repentance, the Greek word homologeō has been corrupted in translation.

We looked at the word metanoia here and here (just click).

So, what is confessing?

The word homologeō was translated into the English as confess or confession and for more than 2000 years the institutional church had been using the word to mislead God’s children into thinking that they have to name and profess their sins and admit and declare themselves guilty.

This is the basis of 99% of modern-day church messages. Forget one sin and you are toast ... you simply will not qualify for salvation!

However, there is Logic

From the original Greek text the word homologeō comprises two words. The word (1) homou is the prefix, which means the same in relation to each other (together) and (2) the word logos is the base word meaning the word or Logic or what (or Who) is declared. This is the Word – Jesus! 

Put together the word literally means to be of the same word or to say the same word to be of the same word

Simply, homologeō means to agree with Jesus (the Word Himself)!

Even in context?

Especially within context in the Word of God.

It is most interesting to note that in all 26 instances where the word homologeō is used in the New Testament it is used in conjunction with Jesus Himself.

Not agreeing with Jesus will dislocate and disable me from Life Himself!

It is a matter of what and who you agree with

Reminding ourselves of our sins will keep us from walking in authority as heirs in His Kingdom. 

James, in James 5:16, says that we should confess our sins one to another. He says that where our sinful minds is an obstacle for ourselves and keeps us from praying and taking authority for ourselves, we have this wonderful option of turning to others believers, for them to move in authority, to declare our righteousness (and agree with the Word) over us on behalf of ourselves. He concludes that even in doing so, Jesus is faithful in what He came to do – He has taken away our sins.

Even if we keep reminding ourselves and each other of our sins, He says that He can remember our sins no more! Heb 8:12; Heb 10:17

It's agreement with the Truth

homologeō means to agree with the Word; to agree with Jesus!

If Jesus says the He CANNOT remember my sins ever again, then who am I to keep reminding myself and others of sin and so live in shame and unworthiness?

And, let's just ask ourselves who really reminds us of our sins. Who is our accuser? Do we agree with him?

Paul shows us the healthy way of confessing 

That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 

For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Rom 10:9-10


Paul is saying that we should confess Jesus! Believe what He says about you instead of what we see, feel, smell, hear or perceive ... instead of what the world tells us!

Not by sight!

What does Jesus say?

He says:

I am free from the bonds of slavery! Rom3:24 
I am set free from a sinful nature! Col 2:11 
I have been completely forgiven! Eph 1:7 
There is NO condemnation for me! Rom 8:1 
I am accepted by Father God! 1Cor 1:2 
I am a child of Father God! Eph 1:5 
I am healed by His stripes! 1Pet 2:24 
I am a new being! 2Cor 5:17 
I am an heir of Father God ... fully entitled to all that is mine! Eph 1:10-11 
I am free of the law of death and sin and have the Spirit of Life! Rom 1:2 
I am holy! 1Cor 1:30 
I am free form the law! Gal 1; 5:1, 4-5 
My Physical body will be quickened! 1Cor 15:22 
I am one with other believers! Gal 3:28 
I am blessed with ALL spiritual blessings! Eph 1:3 
I am holy and without blame before Father God! Eph 1:4 
I am sealed by the Holy Spirit as Father God's precious possession! Eph 1:13 
I am raised with Jesus and sit with Him in heavenly places! Eph 2:6 
I am a new creation in Christ ordained for good works! Eph 2:10 
I have the Seed of Father God in me! 1 Joh 3:9-10 
I am a co-heir of all the promises of Father God! Eph 3:9 
I have boldness and confidence in my access to Him! Eph 3:12 
I am part of the Body of Christ that He cherishes! Eph 6:29-30 
I am made complete in Christ with authority over all principality and powers! Col 2:10 
I am a recipient of His eternal Glory! 2 Tim 2:10 

Was it always like this?

During the time of the old covenant every single sin, specifically, had to be placed on the sin-offering (confessed) before God in order for forgiveness to be received. But, David understood the goodness and mercy and kindness and love of God when he praised Father God in Psalm 32:1-2 saying: 

... Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered...

Prophecy fulfilled!

Jesus then, clarifies how confession should look like

Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. Mat 10:32

It's really simple ...

Confess Jesus!
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