Thursday, 14 August 2014

Is your Kardia at Rest?


let us again consider attentively the goodness of God from Heb 4:11-12. These verses are loaded and elaborate to the extreme and sings eloquently about our abiding Spirit of Power and of Love, the Spirit of Yah'shua! 

I place the explanation from the Greek in [brackets].

Let's see:

Heb 4:11-12 KJV
Verse 11 - 
Let us labour [spoudazo: endeavour,  hasten, give diligence] 
therefore to enter into that rest [Jesus]
lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.

Verse 12 - 
For the word [Jesus] of God is quick [zaō - to live, breathe, be among the joyful living]
and powerful [energēs - active],
and sharper [tomōteros - more keen, ready to strike again and again]
than any twoedged sword [mache: fight, strife, battle, dispute - our mountains or problems], 
piercing [diikneomai: penetrating or going through] 
even to the dividing asunder [merismos: division,  partition,  cleave,  separate] 
of soul [psuche: breathe or foundation of life, immortal soul] 
and spirit [pneuma: the essence of breath of life, the work of he Holy Spirit],
and of the joints [harmos: articulation, same base word as for powerful war chariot] 
and marrow [muelos:deepest fluidity]
and is a discerner [kritikos: skillful in judging,  decisive] 
of the thoughts [enthemesis: ponder, thinking, consideration, deliberation]
and intents [ennoia, act of thinking, meditation,  understanding, manner of feeling, moral understanding] 
of the heart [kardia: centre of spiritual life].

Truely our fight is not against flesh and blood ( is more likely in our minds rather than anywhere else). 

The Word of God, Jesus, like a mighty war chariot separates our troubles and cares and issues, the things we ponder upon constantly, from us.  So that, instead, we would be coming to Him, our Rest. Entering our Rest! 

This should be our only endeavour. 


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